What is PDR?

Has your car ever been "dinged" in the grocery store parking lot, hit by baseball or basketball or leaned on just a little too heavily leaving a dent? At the time, maybe you thought, "If I could only reach in behind that quarter panel and push, I could pop that dent out in a jiffy." Some people actually try to do it. They take a plunger and try to pop the dent out themselves. Sometimes it works, but all too often it leads to more costly repairs.

This is the same idea behind paintless dent repair. Using special tools and materials, I can expertly pull dents out from the outside or reach behind them and massage them out, without damaging the paint. After the repair, the average person can´t tell that your car was ever dented.

Paintless dent repair is a technique for removing dings and dents from the body of a vehicle without the use of bondo or paint. It's quicker, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly than traditional auto body work with the added benefit of retaining your vehicle's original finish.

Many people think that if they just had the tools they could pop out the dents themselves and in some cases they actually succeed. There are a lot of DIY tools for sale on the Internet, including eBay, and on TV. Using these tools, you may be able to work out the dent to give it an acceptable look, but it´s usually not as easy as it looks (or sounds).

PDR requires skills, patience, and knowing where and how much you can push, and being able to gain access to the back side of the damaged area. Although PDR is simple in theory, a skilled dent technician has to spend a lot of time to get good at it. Unless you're up to the challenge, it may be better and less expensive to have a reputable technician work out the dents for you.